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Minimum resolution for line artwork in raster form is 1200 DPI at finished size.

Minimum resolution for gray scale artwork is 150 DPI at finished size.

E-mail (PDF or JPG) a copy of the finished job.

If using one of our direct support applications send all support images as well as all fonts used in the job. If fonts have been converted to outlines or paths font files are not necessary.

Specify screen ruling if applicable, emulsion orientation and if you want positive or negative images.

If your applications offer press ready PDF creation this is a good option as you only need to send the resulting PDF file for film output. Some applications can create PDF's that are not optimized for film output and therefore it is recommended that you send us a test file for review. We will advise if the file is suitable and if it does not meet the requirements we will offer suggestions on how to create a press ready PDF. Upon request we can supply you with a complete list of all of our direct support applications as well as all of the necessary requirements for producting film of the highest quality.

You may send files that are too large for e-mail by using this link https://www.hightail.com/u/mgsi.